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As a therapist, marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business. Without marketing your practice, you won’t have any clients to help.

In addition to growing your client list through marketing, the process of developing your marketing strategy provides you with an opportunity to fine-tune many business aspects of your private practice including the products and services that you want to offer.

Marketing helps you develop important listening and observation skills that allows you to learn exactly what your potential client is looking for when they seek therapy. Essentially, marketing ensures that you and your potential clients have the opportunity to find each other.

As a private practice therapist, nobody knows your business like you. Your role as a business owner is integral in determining the most important parts of your marketing strategy, including:

  • Your audience/clients
  • Your message
  • Ethical marketing

With the increasing popularity of online content, you can now learn about marketing in short courses provided online.

Ideally, the marketing course you choose will provide information about both offline and online marketing techniques. You should also learn about direct and indirect marketing techniques. Direct marketing includes advertisements and indirect marketing techniques include building your overall brand in your private practice niche.

In this era of choice, you can learn about marketing using methods that suit your own learning style whether that be by video (YouTube), audio (podcasts), or written (blogs and formal class structures).


The concept of marketing might make you instantly think of pushy sales techniques, however, for a business owner of a private practice, marketing involves much more than making a sale. Marketing from a business owner’s perspective means making sure your private practice promotes a personal message that attracts the clients you want to work with.

Marketing involves communicating with potential clients, however, it also entails the following aspects:

  • Researching content
  • Researching target clients
  • Creating products and services the client wants
  • Finding effective channels of communicating to clients
  • Creating a message about your business to your clients
  • Managing your brand in the public domain

Marketing can most often be described by the 4P’s:

  • Product/Service – what do you offer your clients
  • Price – what are the prices you offer for your services, and are you providing value for money
  • Promotion – the strategies you use to communicate about your private practice
  • Place – how you provide your products and services to your clients

Many of us have preconceived ideas of what marketing is and that usually reflects the direct activity of advertising. Essentially marketing is everything we do to ensure potential clients know about our product or service.


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