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Written for anyone who has an idea for a business, but doesn’t know how to go about starting it, Six-Week Start-Up 3rd Ed. takes readers from idea to “open-for-business.” This unique book provides in-depth coverage on business concept clarification, goal definition, money matters, market research, sales, marketing, government requirements, hiring employees, and more. Designed to keep readers on track, Six-Week Start-Up 3rd Ed. includes week-by-week checklists, worksheets to sort through important issues and decisions, “Questions to Ask,” “Red-Tape Alerts,” resources, and expert advice from Rhonda Abrams, America’s most read small business columnist.

Book Content:

Week 1. Lay the foundation
Week 2. Get the Info You Need
Week 3. Cut through Red tape
Week 4. Take care of operations
Week 5. Deal with Money Issues
Week 6. open Your Doors!

I have included a pdf download of the chapters included in the book. You can also view the contents and a few sample chapters of the book on Amazon here.


I always like business books that present the information in the format of a goal with a deadline, such as the case with this book and the focus on 6 weeks to start up. The titles of these books usually overpromise.

Based on most business startups, 6 weeks will certainly help to start your business and even make some money but it won’t be enough to start tackling your overall business goals. If your business goal is to get your business started, then it will definitely help you achieve that overall goal.

The startup list is comprehensive and aims to cover a wide range of business types including those that need to rent space, work from home, work on the go, or share an office space.

The topics covered are exactly what you will need to think about when starting any business. The checklist also extends to setting up your website and using online marketing.

Included in the book is an excellent list of worksheets. Some of them are listed below:

  • Goals for Starting my Business
  • My Personal Goals: The Four Cs
  • My Business Values
  • My Role Models
  • My “Bright Idea”
  • My Business Concept
  • Basic Business Description
  • Discussing Partnership Terms
  • Business Name Comparison Chart
  • Creating My Identity
  • My Research Questions
  • Research Sources
  • Who Are My Customers?
  • My Customer Profile
  • Size of My Market
  • My Competitors
  • Competitors’ Price Comparison Chart
  • Potential Strategic Partners
  • Organizations to Join
  • Types of Legal Forms of US Business Organizations
  • People You’ve Given or Promised Stock
  • Stock Distribution Plan
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Vital Statistics
  • My Support System
  • Whom Do I Need on My Team
  • How Much Can I Afford?
  • My Personnel Policies
  • Recruiting Employees
  • My Leadership Skills
  • Things to Consider when Renting Space
  • Location/Space Comparison Chart
  • Mobile Office Plan
  • Office Move-In Checklist
  • Floor Plan Layout
  • Designing My Production Process
  • Warranties and Service Contracts
  • Furniture Shopping List
  • Equipment Shopping List
  • Supplier Comparison Chart
  • My Phone Needs
  • My Hardware Needs
  • My Software Needs
  • Comparison Chart: Internet Hosting Companies
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Retailer Comparison Chart
  • Comparison Chart: Insurance Coverage

The book is heavily based on conducting business in the US, however, this only matters when covering the content in ‘Week 3 Cutting Through The Red Tape’ as this section refers to legal and ownership issues.

Business advice books can often become outdated quickly as new legislation, taxes and online strategies change regularly. However, this book has advice that remains relevant for any business that wants to establish a strong foundation for their business and execute the essential steps to get started.

The structure of the book is very easy to read as it is broken down into simple steps. It is written in the form of an actionable workbook where you use the book to help start your business.

This book is a great step by step guide to help motivate you as well as provide you with the most direct path to start your business.

Purchase: If this book sounds interesting to you, it can be purchased from Amazon. You can also view the contents pages and a few of the introductory chapters in the sample. Amazon purchase link.

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