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If you have a website now, you already realise the benefits that having an online presence can have for your therapy practice. You may also realise the amount of admin work that it takes to maintain your website.

So why would you consider having more than one website? The short answer is, it depends on your practice and the professional services that you offer. In many cases, having one website will provide all the functionality that you need to promote your business. However, in a digital age, you may have additional services or products that you offer to a different client base.

Below are some of the different website ideas you may have as a therapist:

  • Website for therapy clients
  • Website for supervision services in your profession
  • Website for selling physical art products
  • Website for corporate client work
  • Website for online courses
  • Website for professional development and/or educational content

The reason you may have multiple websites is primarily based on your message. If you provide services to two different markets such as individual clients and corporate clients, you may want to keep these services separate from each other. This allows you to focus your message on each website so that it specifically addresses concerns that only relate to your individual therapy clients or your corporate clients.

The downside to multiple websites is the work involved in maintaining each website. The level of work will depend on the complexity of each website.

If your individual client website is purely informational then the work required for this website may only be an hour a month. However, if you have a website that contains online courses that you run then this website may require 2-3 hours a week. This may be manageable for your workload.

If you have an online course website for individual clients and another website for online courses for corporate clients then you have even more work to do on website maintenance. However, in these circumstances, if you are running two online course websites, then you would expect to be generating enough income to potentially hire an assistant to help you maintain your websites.


There is another option for running multiple websites. This involves using 3rd party online services to host your content.

Examples of online 3rd party services include:

This is not an exhaustive list as there is a multitude of platforms that offer online services. The benefit of using 3rd party platforms is they provide a dedicated space to use for individual parts of your business.

Using other platforms means you can take advantage of their specialized skills in providing specific software or features to use that you might difficult to implement on your website.

You can also test services and products that you’re not sure you want to commit to initially and then bring it back to your website eventually.

The risk of using 3rd party platforms to host your online activities is that you are at the whims of the terms and conditions and availability of these platforms. With your own website, you have more control over you content and the availability of it to your customers.


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Do I Need More Than One Website for my Therapy Practice

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