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Supervision of Sandplay Therapy

Author: Harriet S Friedman and Rie Rogers Mitchell (editors)
Date published: 2007
Page length: 250
Book Review: Supervision of Sandplay Therapy

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Supervision of Sandplay Therapy, the first book on this subject, is an internationally-based volume that describes the state of the art in supervision of sandplay therapy. Recognizing that practitioners are eager to incorporate sandplay therapy into their practice, Harriet Friedman and Rie Rogers Mitchell respond to the need for new information, and successfully translate the theories of sandplay therapy into supervision practice.

The book provides a meaningful connection and balance between theoretical principles, practical application, and ongoing therapeutic encounters involved in sandplay. Divided into six sections, contributors cover:

  • original supervision models
  • contemporary supervision models
  • special challenges in supervision
  • international sandplay supervision
  • supervision of special groups
  • connections with other arts therapies.

Supervision of Sandplay Therapy expands the vision of what is possible in supervision and will be vital reading for those studying supervision and sandplay therapy, as well as for those wanting to provide a depth-oriented approach during supervision.

Book Content:

PART I: Creating original supervision models

1 Group sandplay supervision: synergy at play
2 Memories of Kay Bradway’s supervision group
3 Becoming a group sandplay supervisor: my personal odyssey

PART II Designing contemporary supervision models

4 The complex responsibilities of the sandplay supervisor
5 A collaborative model of clinical supervision in sandplay therapy
6 Mapping the cycle of sandplay process

PART III Meeting special challenges in supervision

7 Ethical dilemmas in sandplay supervision
8 Reflections on sandplay supervision: as above, so below, as inside, so outside
9 Transference and countertransference in the supervision process
10 The field of relationships in supervision

PART IV Moving into the cross-cultural world

11 Supervision in an international, multilingual, and multicultural therapy world
12 Sandplay supervision in a community mental health center
13 Supervision of sandplay therapy in preschool education in China

PART V Supervising special groups

14 Mentoring supervisors: a process model
15 Group training in a crisis: an urgent response to 9/11
16 Questions and exploration: supervising graduate students of analytical psychology in China
17 In the presence of the child: developing therapeutic language

PART VI Making connections with other expressive arts therapies

18 Midwives of consciousness: supervising sandplay and expressive art therapists
19 Supervision in sandplay: the art therapist as sandplay supervisor


This unique book covers an important area of psychotherapy that extends beyond client work and seeks to benefit the therapist in their journey to develop their professional skillset . Supervision is one aspect of a therapist’s career that is rarely discussed or analyzed. Subsequently, there is a lack of resources for those who wish to do supervision work.

The contributors in this book provide a wealth of information that therapists and students can use to form part of their knowledge about supervision.

The book covers important topics that many therapists will need to consider in their career including:

  • Collaboration in therapy
  • Understanding processes in sandplay
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Transference and countertransference
  • Cultural considerations
  • Group training

The book also includes a variety of illustrations across different demographics.

Supervision of Sandplay Therapy is one of 5 books in the book series: Supervision in the Arts Therapies.

Other titles include:

  • Supervision of Music Therapy: A Theoretical and Practical Handbook
  • Supervision of Dramatherapy
  • Supervision of Dance Movement Psychotherapy: A Practitioner’s Handbook
  • Supervision of Art Psychotherapy: A Theoretical and Practical Handbook

Sandplay is a therapeutic approach that sits outside of the traditional ideas of art therapy, however, it forms a part of the overall branch of expressive arts and play therapies. Sandplay is a non-verbal form of therapy where the client can create a concrete representation of their inner world using and, water, and miniature objects.

Sandplay connects with the client’s internal world through symbolism and expressing that world using the tools of sandplay.

This book provides a Jungian approach to supervision, written by a variety of supervisors using their experiences as a guide to helping other therapists to explore sandplay. The book can be used as a reference guide to access information from any chapter without reading from the beginning.

The value in this book comes from the variety of experiences from each of the contributors. Some contributors provide theoretical approaches to understanding and working within a well structured supervision framework, while others connect with the less cerebral parts of the supervision process. This provides a balanced view for the reader on the benefits of understanding different approaches and how they can all contribute to well developed outlook in sandplay therapy.


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Book Review: Supervision of Sandplay Therapy

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