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This product is a collection of Evernote documents. The package contains quick and practical advice that can easily be implemented to help you start creating blog content immediately.




This product is a collection of Evernote documents. This blogging package is also available in Scrivener and Microsoft Word formats.


If you want to start blogging or want to increase your blogging productivity, this blogging package is for you.

The package provides the foundations of the most common type of blog posts that would suit a therapist. Once you’ve selected your type of blog post, you can use our step by step formula to create your title and blog post content.

Using the resources in this package makes the process of blogging so much easier. It will save hours of wasted time trying to construct the perfect blog layout.

If you find yourself procrastinating and avoiding creating blog content, this package will help keep you on track for more productive writing.

The package is full of actionable advice to help improve your blogging process and create more blog content.

The package contains quick and practical advice that can easily be implemented to help you start creating blog content immediately.

After working through this package you will:

  • have a clear understanding of the best approach to plan for your blogging content
  • easily construct your own content planner for the year (or use our suggested planners)
  • create the most effective title for your blog post
  • create your blog content using our step by step blog post template
  • review your blog post using our blog post checklist

This product purchase is a collection of Evernote documents to be saved in your Evernote program. 

The contents of this package include the following sections:


  • Blog Post Ideas Worksheet
  • Content planner
  • Writing Tips


  • Types of blog posts
  • Creating your blog post title
  • Writing methodology
  • Blog post template
  • Blog post checklist


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  • Blog Post Ideas – plan out your blog post ideas individually or by theme. Use this section to brainstorm all of your blog content ideas.
  • Content planner – use the planners we’ve provided for minimal blog posting or busy blog posting. A blank planner is also provided so that you can create your own personalised content planner.
  • Writing Tips – use our writing tips to boost your productivity by setting up a ritual, setting goals and staying motivated to write.


  • Types of blog posts – included is a list of the 7 common types of blog posts that suit therapist blogs. Included is a general outline of the content of each post type.
  • Creating your blog post title – use our formula for creating the most effective title for your blog post. Included is a link to an excellent headline analyzer tool to help you improve your blog title.
  • Writing methodology – includes instructions for the most important parts of content creation:
  1. Research
  2. Outline
  3. Writing
  4. Editing

Included is a step by step breakdown with actions and timeframes to help you write a small and larger blog post.

  • Blog post template – use this blog post template that is based on the step by step writing methodology described above.
  • Blog post checklist – use this blog post checklist to ensure you have created content that will boost your blog visibility on the internet.


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